Kejriwal ignored Sikhs by not inducting any Sikh in cabinet

“Sikhs are getting respect and recognition from across the world and there are 17 parliamentarians in Canada but Arvind Kejriwal has completely ignored the Sikhs by not inducting any Sikh in in Delhi government.”


 Arvind Kejriwal has been nurturing the dream of winning the elections in Punjab ever since general elections held in 2014. Leaving no stone unturned, he is going all out to woo the voters of Punjab in wake of elections scheduled early next year. It must be noted here that Arvind Kejriwal and other senior leaders have been making the rounds of Canada to gain sympathy of NRI community from there but he has completely ignored Sikh community of Delhi after winning the elections.

False propaganda of being Sikh crusader

With an aim to woo Sikh voters, Arvind Kejriwal has always projected himself as the crusader of Sikh cause. Ahead of Delhi elections, he showed commitment to re-open the 84 riots case and put the culprits behind the bars. He promised forming a Special Investigation Team (SIT), which he did. But, it found to be a political stunt as it was surfaced 11 months later from news report that the file meant to set up SIT was missing.

From wearing a turban to speaking in Punjabi, Kejriwal has been doing all it takes to garner Sikh sentiments. But this is false propaganda to score political points.

Siding with Tytler


While on one hand Kejriwal was committed to put the culprits of 84 riots behind the bar, on the other side he has been siding with perpetrators of biggest carnage in the Sikh history. The horrendous incident clamed lives of 4000 Sikh in Delhi alone and it was surfaced recently that Kejriwal was shielding the main culprits as photographs of Kejriwal in a jovial mood with main culprit, the Congres leader Jadig Tytler went viral in social media.



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