AAP opened Mohalla clinics in party workers’ houses

“Aam Aadmi Party led Delhi Government has adopted nepotism while opening Mohalla Clinics. This has become evident after verifying the addresses of 21 newly opened clinics.”


 Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party came to the public fore with a promise of offering clean & alternative politics. But contrary to their tall claims, it all proved to be poll plank and political sham as it has surfaced that during one year of their governance in Delhi, the AAP has initiated majority of the welfare scheme to reward party workers after the thumping win in the Delhi assembly polls.

AAP workers to benefit from Mohalla clinics

 Arvind Kejriwal showed commitment to turnaround healthcare delivery system in Delhi ahead of polls and it made tall promises to make healthcare accessible to each and every citizen of Delhi. Mohalla clinics were perceived as stepping stone in that direction and much of hype was created around that. But it was later proved that it was a big conspiracy by AAP government to reward it party workers.

It was revealed after the variation of the addresses that 20 out of 21 clinics had been opened in the properties of local AAP workers or leaders. It becomes evident that the scheme was initiated to benefit its own workers. It must be noted here that AAP government’s much-hyped scheme had earlier invited public ire in wake of inadequate functioning of the clinics. Non-availability of medicines and other equipment and coupled with shortage of staff and severely affected the functioning of these clinics.

Not the first incident of Nepotism

This is not the first incident accounting for nepotism on behalf of AAP government in Delhi. It must be noted that when Kejriwal came to power, it provided about 1,000 jobs to its party volunteers on co-terminus posts. Providing a permanent source of income has rewarded AAP volunteers.


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