Failed to take on government, AAP makes false allegations

“Eyeing upcoming assembly polls in Punjab scheduled for early next year, AAP is leaving no stone unturned to make some impression. Unable to take on the government constructively, they are now trying to settle political scores by making false statements.”


Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supremo, Arvind Kejriwal is a ‘man in hurry’, who believes in blame-game and maligning public figures for getting instant recognition. He has mastered the art of staying in news and goes to any extent grab eyeball.

False allegations by AAP

AAP is nothing but a party of publicity stunt experts. Starting from Kejrriwal at the top, it trickle downs to the grassroot level party workers. They have been making false allegation and raking up controversy to stay in news. That’s the only saving grace for the party, which is a hype created with the help of unnecessary media attention.

AAP has off late created a controversy on drug paddling in Punjab. Ahead of assembly polls in state, they have invented the controversy of sort and false named Revenue & Finance minister, Bikramjit Singh Majithia but failed to submit any supportive evidence to substantiate their point. One after another AAP leaders are raking up this controversy but all their claims are baseless

Failure of three pillars of AAP

AAP was born out of Anna Hazare led movement against corruption. When Arvind Kejriwal decided to float a political party then it was rested on three pillars of strength namely – ‘Swaraj’, Clean & alternative politics’ and corruption free government. AAP has failed miserably in all three fronts and after assuming power, the party drifted away from its own founding principle. While there is no democracy within the party, one after another scams and corruption cases cramped the function of Delhi government under AAP’s first year’s rule.


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