After humiliation by Sanjay Singh, AAP continues raking controversy on drug racket

“AAP is nothing but ‘publicity stunt expert’. They indulge in blame-game and try to malign the public image of other for grabbing news headlines. After shielding AAP leader Sanjay Singh from imminent arrest, the party is still continuing with creating controversy on drug racket.”

Kejriwal_Sanjay Singh.jpg

 AAP is all but hype and lacks any substance. Just to stay in news and grab public attention, they rake up one controversy after another. They target public figure and invent a controversy for their personal. Failing to substantiate their point with any evidence, in majority of the cases, they run for cover later.

Hit & run Policy

Aam Aadmi Party believes in “Hit and Run” policy. They hit upon a target to get some instant benefit and run from the spot to hunt for some other target. It must be noted here that earlier AAP leader and Punjab convener, Sanjay Singh raked up a controversy on drug racket and named Punjab Revenue & Finance minister, Bikramjit Singh Majithia in the case. Sanjay Singh screamed loud about Majithia’s involvement but failed to prove his point with any evidence.

When Majithia filed a criminal case of defamation against Sanjay Singh in the Ludhiana court, he faced an imminent arrest. Entire party machinery was put in force to bail Sanjay out of the clutches of legal prosecution. Sanjay got a bail from court but the party has still not learned from its mistakes and it is still continuing with its blame-game politics.

Hollow blames

Aam Aadmi Party cannot stay away from news for too long and they leave no stone unturned to grab eyeball. Now they have gained raked up controversy on drug paddling and named Majithia in the case. It must be noted that the party has produced reports from Enforcement Directorate (ED) on links of Drug racketeers from Canada. In this context the have taken plea on the ground of Majithia’s visits to Canada but have again failed to link him with drug racket.



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