Kejriwal alleges centre government of trying to poach 23 legislatures

AAP government intentionally follow a course of conflict with other government agencies to divert focus away from their misdeeds. Shrugging of its responsibility they have always been busy passing the blame to others. Shooting yet another salvo, Arving Kejriwal has blamed BJP led Central government of trying to buy 23 of AAP’s legislatures ”


There is no end to Aam Aadmi Party’s blame-game for misgovernance and inability to deliver it promises. The amount of energy and time they spend on attacking and blaming other government agencies, if they spend even one tenth of that in taking some constructive steps then things would turn out to be much better for the citizen of Delhi.

AAP’s fresh salvo

Desperate to make some headlines, Arvind Kejriwal has shot off yet another controversy. Kejriwal has claimed that as per intelligence report, BJP led central government has tried to poach 23 of AAP’s legislatures in Delhi. Now this give rise to two crucial questions – first, how did he arrive at this magical figure of 23, considering AAP has a strength of 67 MLAs and even if 23 MLAs leave him, AAP will be well ahead of majority mark of 35 and secondly, how did he mange to get the intelligence report?

Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal also stated further that a big industrialist was entrusted with the responsibility of influencing AAP legislatures but he didn’t divulge any details.

Bundle of lies, false allegations

Aam Aadmi Party has been all but a hype created in the wake of unnecessary attention given by media. Ahead of assembly polls in Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal made tall promises and majority of the promises were impractical & unrealistic and it was proved later all their pre-poll promises were nothing but poll plank. Unable to live up his word, Kejriwal has been indulging in blame game and telling lies to divert public attention.


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