Reversing the trend of free ‘langar’ AAP raises Rs one crore in Punjab

‘Langar’, the tradition of community kitchen has been an integral part of Sikh religion. But reversing the culture of food sharing in Punjab, AAP has been selling a meal for whopping Rs. 10,000.


 Desperate to make an impression in Punjab polls, Aam Aadmi Party has been looting people by first inviting them to lunch and dinner and then asking them to pay for it. This is in stark contrast to Punjab’s culture of community kitchen.

“Khaas’ meal by Aam Aadmi Party


 AAP claims to be the party of common people and represent the voice of ordinary man but still it is charging up to Rs 10,000 for a meal with dinner with its leaders. From ‘Selfie with Mufflerman’ to ‘Coffee with Kejriwal’, there is no end to AAP’s cheap antics to rake some moolah. The party can stoop to any extent to earn some money.

Shockingly people had to pay whopping Rs. 20,000 to have a cup of coffee with AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal.

No shortage of funds for self-publicity

Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party is crying of shortage of funds and sighting the reason for organising fundraising dinner in Punjab. Now serious questions are raised on their intention – they have massive fund of Rs 526 crores for self-glorification through advertising.

If AAP was short of funds, and was forced to resort to such tactics, then it should stop indulging in expensive advertisements in print and electronic media.

It is natural instinct to get limelight and everyone likes to be on the centre stage on a public gathering. Kejriwal has been very shrewdly exploiting this natural instinct of people for his own personal gains.


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