AAP in Punjab is more of hype

“The AAP is a disorganized and disoriented group of people without any leader, programme or agenda. Indulging in blame-game, they only know how to hit below the belt and find faults with others without offering any solutions.”


 The AAP does not have any policy, political structure or leader in Punjab and they cannot go on to win elections by merely abusing everybody. They all know how hit below the belt left, right and center and in such context, they are able to grab headlines but they can establish connect with masses. A political party needs to understand the issues affecting society and come up with sustainable solutions, unnecessary abuses will not take them anywhere.

AAP bubble will burst sooner than later

AAP is merely a hype created with the help of unnecessary media attention given to the party. AAP has mastered the arty of staying in news and they go all out to grab eyeballs. Good or bad any news counts for them as long as they get a apace in print or electronic media.

False Propaganda

Kejriwal & controversies go hand in hand and his party is always in news for all the wrong reasons. When the popularity chart starts dipping down or when they are not able to stay in news for a long time, they fabricate an event to get some limelight.

From infamous ‘ink attack’ to stone pelting during his latest visit to Punjab, there have been many instances of fabricated attacks to hog limelight.

AAP is a bubble, which will burst sooner than later in Punjab. Lacking a clearly defined vision, political organization and strong leadership, its supporter base is dwindling fast and unable to deliver any of the promises, it is constantly facing public ire.


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