Kejriwal to be projected as CM candidate in Punjab

“AAP Convener and Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal has been busy in dreaming that his party would form government in Punjab but he didn’t have a Punjabi face to declare as his party’s CM candidate and now murmurs are getting loud in the party that he would be next CM of Punjab.”


 Over ambitious Arvind Kejriwal claimed that AAP would get at least 100 seats in the general elections held in 2014. But, in stark contrast to their claims, AAP’s performance was very dismal and even failed to open account in Delhi, their home ground.

AAP contested on 432 seats out of 545, highest by any political party. Of all the candidates, only 18 could hold on to their security and a massive 414 AAP candidates had to forfeit their security deposit. When the entire country rejected AAP, Punjab was the only saving grace for being the only state from where the party won Loksabha seats. Ever since then AAP has been nurturing the dream of ruling the state.

AAP’s opinion poll project Kejriwal as Punjab CM

AAP has been screaming loud of victory in assembly elections and to validate their point, the party has come out with a false opinion poll by an unrecognized news portal ‘’. Elections are scheduled for early next year in Punjab and interestingly even the dates have not been announced. But, still AAP released the doctored opinion poll, which gives the party a clear majority.

It must be noted that the opinion poll has stated that Arvind Kejriwal is the most favourable chief minister of Punjab with bagging more than 50% of votes. Due to absence of organisation structure and leadership in state, Kejriwal is finding a real challenge to prove his mantle in state. In this context, he has left with no choice but to take command of leadership in Punjab.


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