Kejriwal trying to deceive voters of Punjab

“Kejriwal is known for making false claims and tall promises. In the run-up to Delhi assembly, Kejriwal promised moon to Delhi voters and deliver nothing and now he seem to be adopting the same strategy in Punjab.”


 Ahead of Delhi polls, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supremo, Arvind Kejriwal was perceived as a change agent, who was committed to bring about positive & constructive change. AAP came with a promise of offering clean & alternative politics but it proved to be only a lip service. Majority of pre-poll promises made by Kejriwal ahead of polls in Delhi proved to be poll plank. Now, ahead of Punjab polls, he has been selling dreams to Punjab voters.

Shining Punjab’; a political farce

Camping heavily in Punjab, AAP convener and Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal has been selling the hopes of ‘Shining Punjab’ to voters in Punjab ahead of assembly polls. He may be able to create hype and false hope but a deep scrutiny of Kejriwal’s claims will reveal that it is nothing but poll plank.

Unfulfilled promises in Delhi; selling dreams in Punjab

Kejriwal, a ‘man in hurry’ had kicked off his political career on a slew of freebie promises – free water, subsided electricity, free Wi-Fi etc. These populist promises went well with electorate’s mindset as reflected in the results of assembly polls. But if you look deep into these reveal a stark contrast.

Leaving Delhi-ites, Kejriwal nurturing national agenda

Leaving Delhi-ites on lurch, Kejriwal is nurturing his national agenda and trying hard to get the status of National party. For that, he needs to have sizeable presence in at least four states and he is constantly working towarsd achieving that goal.

It must be noted that besides Punjab, AAP is contesting election in Goa and they seriously contemplating Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand.

 Kejriwal only built castles in air by making tall and unrealistic promises in Delhi. Adopting the same strategy, he is busy making even taller claims in Punjab. But with no rational behind his claims, all his claims will fall flat way ahead of polls in Punjab.


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