To validate its claim AAP shows results of a fake opinion poll

“AAP tend to fill their political vacuum with bizarre verbal audacity. Unable to hit the chord of Punjab voters, they are screaming loud of party’s clear win in the upcoming assembly polls in the state. Now, they have come up the results of fake opinion poll to validate their point.”


 AAP is desperate to make an impression in upcoming assembly polls in Punjab and leaving no stone unturned to make headway in state. Internal feud and differences with the top leadership has marred the functioning of state. On top of that, series of controversies have dented public image and put the party on tight spot. Two of party’s MPs along with party workers have waged a war against party leadership. Completely off the ground, the party is now screaming aloud about their victory, which is proving to be a baseless statement.

Fake opinion poll

AAP has been boasting the results of a recently conducted opinion poll by the portal ‘’. The opinion poll has shown AAP winning the election comfortably with getting around 85 seats out 117. But serious questions are raised over the credibility of the opinion poll.

Elections in Punjab are scheduled for early next year but the date has not been announced yet. The portal in question, which is not a recognized news agency, has come up with opinion poll, one year ahead of the elections. In a democratic set-up, public sentiments and opinions change very rapidly when in comes to election. Since elections are very volatile in nature, opinion poll can only be successful to an extent if conducted in the last leg when election campaigning is underway.

Secondly, whenever a big media house conducts an opinion Poll, the collaborate with a specialist research agency which has mastery is conducting such polls. But in this case ‘’ has gone on its own to conduct the poll. Thirdly, they have not divulged any details about the poll – sample size, demographics of the sample etc.


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