While Party MPs have waged war against Kejriwal, AAP declares clean sweep

“One year ahead of assembly polls in Punjab, internal feud and resentment against the high command has already reduced the state unit into small spinsters. The party which is severely affected with lack of leadership in state, high command in Delhi is screaming loud of a sure win in the upcoming assembly polls.”


 Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) had gone all out in general elections held in 2014 and contested as many as 432 seats out of 545, highest by any political party. Of all the candidates, only 18 could hold on to their security and a massive 414 AAP candidates from across the country had to forfeit their security deposit. Punjab proved to be the only saving grace for the party, which gave its only four MPs.

Ever since then, AAP has been nurturing the dream of winning the upcoming polls in Punjab, which is scheduled early next year. Kejriwal has high hopes from state but his dream will be reduced to dust as in the factionalism led party, MPs and party workers from Punjab have waged a war against top leadership.

Rising voice of dissent

Suspended AAP MP Dr Dharamvir Gandhi(center) and Harvinder Singh Khalsa M P (right), along with Sufi singer Rabbi Shergill,(left)

Party insiders feel that the party has drifted from its basic tenets of ‘swaraj’, transparency, honesty, democratization etc. feeling disgruntled with tops leadership of Arvind Kejriwal, leaders from state have raising their voice.

It must be noted that three out of four Member of Parliament of party have raised their voice against party leadership and dictatorship style functioning by national convener Arvind Kejriwal. Two of the four MPs – Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi (Patiala) and Harinder Singh Khalsa (Fatehgarh Sahib) had to bear the brunt of Kejriwal’s arrogance as they were suspended from the party for what was claimed as indulging in anti party activities.

Later, party MP from Faridkot, Pof. Sadhu Singh also joined the ranks of dissenters and raised his voice against. Bhagwant Mann a close confidant of Kejriwal is only supporting him, who is interestingly nurturing his dream of becoming next CM of Punjab!


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