Ignoring interests of Delhi, AAP desperate to get National Party status

“Ahead of assembly polls in Delhi, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) promised moon to Delhi voters but delivered nothing. They made castles in air with tall claims and false promises but failed miserably. Now, leaving people of Delhi in lurch, Arvind Kejriwal is leaving no stone unturned to get National party status”

Arvind Kejriwal

 What was born out of Anna Hazare’s movement, ‘India Against Corruption’ morphed into a political much against the wishes of Anna, who had mentored Arvind Kejriwal, AAP supremo and Chief Minster of Delhi. It must be noted that the party, which claimed to offer alternative & clean politics and true representative of ‘aam aadmi’ (common man) proved to be lip service and a political farce. Its been one year since AAP government came to power in Delhi and citizens of national capital have already written them off with all their high hopes going in drain.

Unfulfilled promises

Delhi government’s list of unfilled promises in very long. From 15 lakh CCTV camera to free WIFI in entire; from 500 new schools to 50 colleges, this list is never ending. All these pre-poll promises proved to be poll plank and one year later after AAP government took charge of Delhi and there is no headway to any of the promises. Public resentment is rising against AAP government and they constantly face backlash over non-fulfilment of poll promises.

Kejriwal’s self-glorification drive


With an intention of achieving the objective of obtaining the status of national party, Kejriwal has been indulging in massive self-glorification drive. With a massive ad budget of Rs 526 crores, Kejriwal has been on an advertising spree.

It must be noted here that to celebrate completion of one year in Delhi, massive full-page advertisements were published in leading publications across the country.

 While Kejriwal has been spending taxpayer’s money on self-glorification, he needs to know that such cheap antics would not lead him anywhere.


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