Kejriwal barges into contentious SYL dispute to gain political mileage

“After being pulled up by the apex Court over water crisis during Jaat agitation in Haryana, the Kejriwal government is again in the midst of controversy, this time over construction of contentions & emotive Sutlej-Yamuna Link (SYL) canal.”


 Punjab and Haryana have long been up in arms against each other for years over construction of Sutlej-Yamuna Link canal. In wake of recent controversy over contentious issue, Kejriwal has opposed the construction of SYL canal because of his political interests in the state.

Water crisis in Delhi

Arvind Kejriwal

Kejriwal has only played politics on contentious issues to score brownie points. National capital is completely dependent on neighboring states for supply of water & electricity and putting Delhi on risk of getting water supply snapped, Kejriwal is busy playing politics eying assembly polls in Punjab.

It must be noted that Delhi is still battling water crisis and future looks bleak if Jaat again take to strike. Public memory is still fresh among Delhi residents with horror stories of no water supply in Delhi for days and administration was even forced to shut down schools.

Kejriwal fishing in troubled water

Questions arises as to what was Kejriwal trying to prove by getting his hand dirty over contentious issue? He is trying to fish in troubled water to score political points. AAP convener has chosen to stand by Punjab’s water woes rather than worrying about capital’s water crisis.

Kejriwal’s support to Punjab over water-sharing dispute is aimed at projecting AAP as a Pro-Punjab political outfit as stakes are high in the assembly polls scheduled next year. This may be an effort by Kejriwal to present AAP as champion of Punjab’s interests but first he needs to prove his mantle in National capital, which he has miserably failed to do so.


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