Unable to create any noise in Punjab, AAP leaders frequenting Canada

In the run-up to assembly polls in Punjab, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is not leaving any stone turned. In the absence of any set-up or organizational structure in the state, AAP has not been able to garner any support in the state. As a cover up to its abysmal response from the citizens of Punjab, AAP is now desperately trying to woo the Punjabi diaspora in Canada.

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North American country has sizeable Punjabi expatriate community. The Indians working in Canada not only hold economic power because of the money they send back, but can also influence voters back in India. In such scenario AAP leaders are smart enough not to miss out on huge opportunity. But the crucial question arises here – where is the money coming from for AAP leaders’ frequent excursion to Canada?

Fuelling extremist sentiments from abroad

Punjab suffered a lot due to militancy for over two decades. It was the darkest phase in the history of Punjab and state had to pay a huge price for restoring normalcy. Unfortunately, extremist elements are on the resurgence and these anti-national elements want to disrupt peace and harmony in the state.

Aam Aadmi Party for its own vested interests wants to capitalize from such anti-national moves. It is now clear that AAP is hand in glove with radical Sikh groups. Many of them have joined the party or are endorsing party’s ideology.

Many Sikh radical groups are based out of Canada. They were responsible for causing militant activities in the state. Majority of these groups who were eliminated two decades back and now slowly some of the splinter groups are trying to come out of the hibernation. Causing danger to the sovereignty and peace of Punjab, AAP has been siding with these groups to score political points.

 From Arvind Kejriwal to H S Phoolka and rest of prominent leaders are visiting Canada one after another. What is the source of funding for their foreign visits, is a question, the party needs to answer. But the more worrisome fact is that the party is playing with fire by siding with overseas Sikh radical groups.


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