AAP’s false sympathies to farmers exposed

“Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) claims to be committed to the cause of farming community but this seems a lip service. As on one hand they are vociferous in raising their voice of the issues of farmers in Punjab while on other side, a farmer in Delhi committed suicide while Kejriwal went on with his public rally.”

Arvind Kejriwal trying to woo farmers in Punjab ahead of assembly polls

Ahead of assembly polls in Punjab, Arvind Kejriwal has come up with another stunt to score political points. AAP leader in Punjab are crying on behalf of farmer in Punjab whose crops got affected due to recent untimely rains. Exposing their double standards and cheap antics to gain publicity, it highlights the blurred public memory of gory incident when a farmer in Delhi committed suicide during a public rally of Delhi CM and AAP supremo continued with his rally and posing for TV cameras.

AAP’s False Propaganda

Farming community consists of huge vote bank in state. Realizing the huge opportunity, Kejriwal is desperate to woo the large farming community. During his recent five-day tour to state, Kejriwal was witnessed meeting farmers in clusters to understand their woes and he was seen making false claims and tall promises.

Gajendra Singh, just moments before committing suicide in Public rally of Delhi CM

But perhaps he has forgotten that the memories of farmer Gajendra Singh’s suicide at an AAP rally are still fresh in people’s minds. This incident exposes his utter disregard for the loss of a human life and insensitivity to the suffering of others.

False sympathy

Kejriwal is projected as the man whose heart beat for the poor and downtrodden people of India. But this is seemed to be veiled truth, which has no base in reality. AAP leaders in Punjab are screaming aloud about being sympathetic to the cause of farmers. But far from reality, this appears to be their dubious move to score political points eying upcoming assembly polls in state.

It was a matter of great concern that at a time when debt-ridden farmers are putting an end to their precious lives in an agricultural dominated state like Punjab, Aam Aadmi Party is playing politics on the woes of farming community.


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