Why Kejriwal eyeing on dalit voters?

kejri 1

All because the state has maximum percentage of Dalit voters in the country

The Chief Minister of Delhi has started ignoring his own state as he is eyeing on Punjab for 2017 polls. Why the muffler man has been affording to ignore his own state? He is eying on the polls in the other states. In Punjab, the best thing which snatched the interest of the Chief Minister of Delhi is dalit population in the state.

Punjab has maximum number of voters in the state as well as in the country. The supremo of AAP has cleverly played his trick by announcing his visit to the BSP founder Kanshi Ram’s village in Ropar.

Kejriwal had offered job to dalit family member

kejri meet

During his last visit to Punjab, Kejriwal played his card by meeting the family member of Bheem Tank, a dalit who was killed in Abohar. Kejriwal had also offered job to the family member of Tank in Delhi. The CM who has failed to provide employment to youth in his own state Delhi has offered job to the outsider from Delhi. The move had depicted the shrewdness of the AAP national convenor as he was eying to woo dalits.

AAP supremo would meet the BSP founder’s family


The clever Chief Minister of Delhi has chosen the day of the birth anniversary of late founder of BSP Kanshi Ram to visit his ancestral village in Ropar on March 15. The BSP supremo and former Uttar Pradesh CM Mayawati is holding the rally on the same day in Nawanshahar. Why Kejriwal preferred to schedule his visit on March 15, the day when BSP is also holding the rally? All because of the political aspirations of the Kejriwal to woo the dalit voters as the Punjab polls are approaching in 2017. The political desires of the so called Aam Aadmi can be clearly seen as he can manage to ignore his own state just because of the elections in other states.

Kejriwal to befool Dalit voters in Punjab

The over ambitious Chief Minister of Delhi had jumped into the late Rohit Vemula’s case. He had also offered the help to the family members of the dalit scholar Vemula. After that incident, the AAP head moved to Punjab to befool dalit voters on politics. He has a clear motive of attaining the political goals and he has nothing to do with the welfare of public. As a result, the Chief Minister of Delhi is visiting third time to Punjab this year especially to woo Dalit voters.






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