Delhi govt. hires 12 communication specialists for propaganda

“Leave aside governance, Arvind Kejriwal led Delhi government is all set to make a record of sorts in false propaganda. With a massive budget of Rs 526 crores, Delhi government has now hired a dozen communication specialists to do the task diligently.”


kejriwal1.jpgIt is now clear that Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is all about rhetoric, false claims & tall promises. Lacking any substance they have neither intention nor will to live up to their words. In the run-up to Delhi assembly polls, AAP promised moon to citizens of Delhi but it’s been a year since they came to power and they failed to deliver all the major pre-poll promises. As a cover-up to their misgovernance, AAP resorted to advertising to highlight their achievements. It is no-one’s guess if they really have any achievement to boast of?

Government propaganda

Facing public backlash in wake of undelivered per-poll promise, AAP is desperate to refurbish the image of AAP and the Delhi government has decided to appoint at least 12 private communication consultants. The job of these consultants will be to spread government propaganda.

 Till date, the Information and Broadcast department was responsible to propagate the works of the government, but Kejriwal seemed to be unhappy with government functioning hence appointment of private consultants.

In-house ad agency

As soon as AAP came to powerd, the government had set up its own advertising agency,  ‘Shabdarth’. Now we can ‘smell a rat’ here, as after earmarking whopping Rs 526 crores form taxpayer’s money for advertising, the government siphoned off the said amount to government undertaking.

Besides that, AAP government has appointed media advisors for all its ministers.

A government statement said that the primary aim of appointing communication consultant would be to highlight government’s achievements to public. But Arvind Kejriwal has not realized the basic rule that your work speaks louder than anything else.


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