Sikh Hardliner comes out in support of Kejriwal

“Cementing Aam Aadmi Party convener Arvind Kejriwal’s radical leaning, preacher and Sikh hardliner, Baljit Singh Daduwal who is languishing in Hoshiarpur jail on sedition charges has come out in support of Kejriwal for not honoring him at Damdama Sahib.”

Sikh radical leader Baljit Singh Daduwal along with supporters


At the ‘Sarbat Khalsa’ movement held on 10 November 2015, resolutions were passed that included the demand for a separate Sikh nation. A religious conglomerate, Sarbat Khalsa turned out to be Khalistani stage and AAP leaders were witnessed endorsing the views. Sikh preacher Baljit Singh Daduwal was allegedly appointed ‘Jathedar’ (leader) of Sabat Khalsa.

AAP’s Khalistani nexus

Baljit Singh Daduwal has allegedly condemned the incident of not honoring Arvind Kejriwal with siropa (robe of honour) at Takht Sri Damdama Sahib. He also condemned the protest staged against Delhi CM in Punjab during his attack.

It is pertinent that Daduwal is a Khalisatni ideologue and he has vociferous in demanding a separate state. At the same he has come out in full support of Kejriwal and his party and had once announced his intention to publicly honour Arvind Kejriwal.

Public Backlash

Punjab has attained peace at paying a huge price and now Punjabis cannot comprise it at any cost. People of Punjab, now won’t let AAP to play dangerous game for gaining political mileage and the party will face sturdy protest against their misdeeds.

 Thousands of terrorism-affected families had planned a protest against Kejriwal during his recent visit in the state and realizing their moves, Kejriwal had called off his visit in Patiala district.

Kejriwal and his party are trying to create unrest in Punjab by supporting Khalistani ideologue and accepting funds from Sikh separatist staying across the globe. Extremist elements are also coming out in full support and are joining the party. But their anti-national agenda stands exposed; AAP leaders will be reduced to dust by the people of Punjab.





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