After Delhi, Kejriwal sells dream of drinking water in Punjab

“During his latest visit to Punjab, AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal was seen selling dreams ahead of forthcoming assembly polls in the state. One such dreams is ensuring drinking water to every village within one month of AAP regime but ironically 40% of Delhi’s population still live without water supply.”


 Kejriwal rose to power by creating false hopes and making unrealistic & tall promises. He promised moon to Delhi voters and delivered nothing. Eyeing assembly polls in Punjab, he has adopted the same strategy and he was seen busy making tall claims but he has still not realised the fact that ghosts of unfulfilled promises in Delhi will haunt him in Punjab assembly polls.

Unfilled promise in Delhi

In the run-up to election, Aam Adami Party promised a water pipeline to every home in Delhi but it’s been one year after Kejriwal came to power and around 40% of Delhi’s population is still living in water-deprived colonies, whether these are slums or unauthorized colonies, all of which are presently relying on private tankers.

Since Delhi relies on neighboring states for water supply, it becomes even more important to take constructive steps to conserve water and make judicial use of it. Many initiatives were proposed in this direction but all these promises seem a lip service.

AAP was committed to connect every house to piped water but majority of the people still relying on private tankers for water supply in Delhi, there seems to be no heed to water ‘cries’.

False Hopes in Punjab

AAP is all about rhetoric, tall promises but there is no rational behind their claims. Not doing any research or groundwork before promising, majority of their promises fall flat. It is relevant here that AAP built castles in air before Delhi elections and now they are adopting the same strategy to woo Punjabi voters ahead of polls. In a diverse state like Punjab with dwindling groundwater, Kejriwal promised ensuring supply of drinking water in every village of Punjab within one month. But, he fails to spell out the fact that how is going to turn this dream into reality?



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