Never ending internal feud of AAP Punjab

“As AAP supremo refuses to budge on the issue of suspended party MPs and demanding an unconditional apology from them, ongoing tussle between state unit and party high command doesn’t seem to lead anywhere.”

Disgruntled AAP Mp from Patiala, Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi

Kejriwal issued a statement in media that suspended Punjab MPs should apologise for their behavior so that their suspension could be revoked. In response to Kejriwal’s statement, Patiala MP, Dharamavir Gandhi said that he had not done anything wrong and was not willing to apologise. It is pertinent here that Harinder Singh Khalsa, other suspended MP from Fatehgarh Sahib echoed Gandhi’s views.

Internal rift


Right after the general election in 2014, controversies started emerging in the state unit. Differences surfaced between the AAP central leadership & state unit and two of AAP’s MPs, Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi from Patiala and Harinder Singh Khalsa from Fatehgarh Sahib accused central leadership of enforcing excessive control over state affairs. The disgruntled MPs also expressed their concerns over not letting them appoint their staff members.

Drift from basic tenets

The disgruntled party leaders believe that the core principles on which the party was formed and got overwhelming support from people gradually faded away. The key identifiers like the concepts of ‘swaraj’, honesty, transparency etc. incorporated in the party’s charter were gradually lost in the maze of power and while building on the party fold, they have not followed internal democratic norms.

 As soon as Kejriwal became Chief Minister of Delhi, he sacked the backbone of party – Yogender Yadav & Prashant Bhushan and two of the MPs were suspended when they raised their voice against it. It is ironical that the party, which came into power with a commitment of representing voice of Aam Aadmi (common man), has not even allowed internal democratic flow within the party.


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