A dream merchant “Kejriwal” in Punjab

kejri 1 

During his five days visit to Punjab, the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal has started selling the dreams to the people of Punjab.

The AAP government has completed one year in Delhi and the party who boldly claimed to fulfil its promises made in manifesto failed to achieve his aim. More than 99 per cent of the promises made by Kejriwal are still waiting to be turned in to the reality.

Whatever he promised in Delhi is far from the reality and facts. The “muffler man” who took the reins of the national capital has badly shattered the dreams of Delhi people.


The residents were promised, new government schools, hospitals, employment, free power, water and many more. Nothing has been achieved by AAP government so far in this regard. Moreover, the party who claimed to be for the “Aam Aadmi” has changed his political stance and the party supremo has become a dictator.

Earlier, the people of Delhi had seen a little hope in the vision presented by the short stature Kejriwal. After completion of one year in Delhi, the truth revealed the plight of the party which is like the other political parties.

The dream seller Kejriwal who is setting his eyes on the post of Prime Minister is now heading in Punjab state. The Chief Minister of Delhi has been playing the different type of cheap politics to woo the voters in Punjab.


He has failed to provide the jobs to the youth of Delhi and in Punjab; he is offering the job to a dalit family in Abohar. He has offered his assistance to the families of farmers who had committed suicide.

Kejriwal has seen requesting people with folded hand to vote for AAP in 2017 assembly elections. Moreover, he is promising the moon to the people of the state. He is also claiming that he would change the face of the state within three months if AAP comes to the power.

He failed to fulfil his promises in Delhi and now he is claiming that he would change the face of Punjab state in three months.




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