Kejriwal begins blowing poll trumpet in Punjab

AAP supermo Kejriwal has mastered the art of creating a high-voltage buzz on social media. Displaying yet another act of poll gimmicks, he has been busy selling dreams of ‘Shining Punjab’.


On the onset of five-day visit of Punjab, AAP convener and Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal has been selling the hopes of ‘Shining Punjab’ to voters in Punjab ahead of assembly polls. This might have created a hype and false hope but a deep scrutiny of Kejriwal’s claims reveal that it is nothing but a tall story.

Gimmick ahead of polls in Punjab

Politician exaggerating things to draw public attention is nothing new. In order to gain public support, they promise big but when it comes to Kejriwal then there is no rational or logic behind what he states. A deep analysis of his past statement will make it clear that he only tries to play with the emotions of poor and hapless people for scoring political points.

Kejriwal is committed to replicate the Delhi model in Punjab. But someone needs to educate him about the vast difference of scale and magnitude between Delhi & Punjab. It is also pertinent here that Kejriwal promised to eradicate corruption from roots in Punjab. Now the crucial question arises here – was he able to eradicate corruption in Delhi?

Ironically, government of Delhi and its leaders got involved in various scams one after another.

Kejriwal only built castles in air by making tall and unrealistic promises. Adopting the same strategy, he is busy making even taller claims in state. With no rational behind his claims, all his claims will fall flat. Delhi voters might have realized the truth little late but fortunately the Punjab voters got a reality check one year ahead of polls.


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