Is propaganda more important than humanity?

“Kejriwal is the man whose heart beat for the poor and downtrodden people of India. But, this seems a veiled reality as a farmer went on to end his life, and AAP supremo continued with his rally and posing for TV cameras.”

Gajender Singh attempting suicide in front of Arvind Kejriwal’s public rally

Kejriwal is in tour of Punjab to understand the issues affecting farmers. Ahead of assembly polls in state, he has come up with another stunt to score political points. Away from reality, such poll gimmicks don’t last long and sooner or later truth will come fore, rusting Kejriwal’s false propaganda forever.

False Propaganda in Punjab

Being an agriculturalist state, farming community consist of huge vote bank in state. Releasing the big opportunity, Kejriwal is desperate to woo the large farming community. Meeting them in clusters to understand their woes, he is seen making false claims and tall promises.

But what he has forgotten that that the memories of farmer Ganjendra Singh’s suicide at an AAP rally is still fresh in people’s minds. Even as the wretched farmer ended his life by hanging himself to a tree, Delhi CM and AAP supremo Kejriwal continued making his speech on the dais whilst posing for TV cameras, exposing his utter disregard for the loss of a human life and insensitivity to the suffering of others.

Double standards of AAP

It was a matter of great regret that at a time when debt-ridden farmers weer putting an end to their precious lives, AAP MLAs, who are supposed to represent the interests of the ‘aam aadmi’ (common man), were demanding whopping 400% salary hike. It is crucial to note that the ‘Khas’ MLAs have petitioned the Delhi government in this regard, citing problems in meeting expenses that include the cost of maintaining an office in their constituencies, transportation and running a household.

Double standard of AAP legislatures was exposed as in the pretext of salary hike; this is what senior AAP leader Sanjay Singh said on this issue:

Jab desh mein itne farmers suicide kar rahe hai, aise samay par hum apni salary badhaye ye sahi nahi hai.”

(At a time when farmers are committing suicide in our country, it is not right for us to increase our salaries.)


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