Voters of Punjab show mirror to AAP

“Inexperienced, irresponsible Aam Aadmi Party managed a thumping victory in Delhi assembly with the help of tall promises. The dark reality of AAP government surfaced to Delhi voters soon as they promised moon and delivered nothing. Camping heavily in Punjab now, the voters in the state have got a reality check, a year ahead of polls.”


AAP was able to strike a chord with voters by promising a series of freebies. Never before in free India, voters would have seen such a manifesto filled with freebies. It was clearly meant to allure voters and unfortunately they fell trap to AAP’s false propaganda. But in utter disappointment, Kejriwal government didn’t even deliver even a single promise.

Promises Vs Reality

Getting a cue from disheartened Delhi voters, people of Punjab took it on themselves to show mirror to Aam Aadmi Party for their misdeeds. Poster highlighting AAP government’s misgovernance has been put up in the entire state during Kejriwal’s ongoing visit in the state.

The posters highlighted the promises made by Kejriwal and the subsequent failure in fulfilling them. ‘Ki Vaade Kite, ki Nibhaye’ (What promises were made, which was fulfilled) is how the election promises were scrutinized in the posters

From the tall promise of opening 500 schools in Delhi and providing government jobs to 35,000 eligible candidates and giving it to 1500 only, the poster left no major poll promise untouched. The issue of opening 500 ‘Mohalla Clinics’ as promised by Kejriwal was also taken up prominently in the poster.

Among other key issues, the promise of installing 16 lakh CCTV cameras for surveillance in Delhi was highlighted. Further, the promise of hiring 4000 doctors and 15,000 staff nurses in Delhi government hospitals was also carried prominently, hence hitting out at the Kejriwal run government in Delhi

The posters draws a comparison between what was promised in polls and what was not delivered. Kejriwal made tall promises in the run-up to assembly polls in Delhi but nothing has happened so far.

 Arvind Kejriwal only shrugs of its responsibility while passing the blame to others. He made tall promises but didn’t keep any of his words. It worked as precursor to Punjabi voters and deciding to throw him out from state, they have vented out their anger by highlighting Delhi government’s misgovernance.



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