Status quo on suspended MPs of AAP

“It’s been nine months since two of AAP MPs were suspended and their future within party still hangs in limbo. Leave aside resolving the issues; Kejriwal has no intention to even meet the dissident leaders, though he plans to meet every citizen of state.”

Suspended AAP MPs, Harinder Singh Khalsa (L) and Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi (R)

After their debut in Delhi election AAP was very confident of replicating the success at National front. AAP contested on 432 parliamentary seats, highest by any political party. Of all the candidates, only 18 could hold on to their security and a whopping 414 AAP candidates from across the country had to forfeit their security deposit. When the entire country rejected AAP, Punjab was the only saving grace and party won four Loksabha seats.

Internal rift: suspension of MPs

Differences surfaced between the AAP central leadership and state unit and two of AAP’s MPs Dharamvir Gandhi from Patiala and Harinder Singh Khalsa from Fatehgarh Sahib were suspended for what was termed as indulging in anti party activities. The party leaders had to pay a price for raising their voice against the expulsion of founding figures – Yogender Yadav and Prashant Bhushan.

Dissent against dictatorship style leadership

Dharamvir Gandhi and Harvinder Singh Khalsa raised their voice against party leadership and dictatorship style functioning by national convener Arvind Kejriwal. They had to bear the brunt of Kejriwal’s arrogance as they were suspended from the party.

Despite their repeated attempts to meet party convener, Arvind Kejriwal to put across their point of view, there has been no heed to their pleas.

Direct confrontation with party leadership

It is relevant that Kejriwal is currently on Punjab tour to understand the issues afflicting state but he has no intention to understand the issues affecting his own party.

Failed to get their voice heard, the disgruntled MPs dared him to either speak to them if he believed in democracy or expel them without a hearing.

Display of sheer hypocrisy by Kajriwal, he gave statement in media that he wanted the suspended MPs to be back in party fold but refused to meet them later. It shows that he is hungry of power and has high ambitions but he cannot control his ego and arrogance



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