Kejriwal trying to sell dreams in Punjab

“With no political base in state, Aam aadmi Party would be out of contest in the forthcoming assembly polls in Punjab. By selling dreams ahead of Delhi Polls, Kejriwal managed a decisive victory and now in Punjab he is playing even a dirtier game of first diving people and then showing false hope.”


Having realized their inability to connect with voters of Punjab, AAP is going all out to woo voters of Punjab. From making tall claims to unnecessary creating issues and diving people of cultural, there is no end Kejriwal’s desperation. He doesn’t even shy away from trying to disrupt peace & harmony of state for scoring political points.

Fails to keep promises

When Kejriwal was struggling against corruption with Anna Hazare, he had said he would never form a political party and contest an election. It is no surprise whether he kept his word or not? He made tall promises before Delhi polls. He promised free water, power and what not. Now he is blaming the Modi government and centre for not able to fulfill any of his promise.

Kejriwal failed miserably to implement his plans in Delhi and now he has chalked out a similar strategy. AAP also lack the blueprint for the state, as its state leaders are outsiders who lack any understanding of the psyche of people of Punjab.

 Replicating Delhi model in Punjab

It is noteworthy that AAP is contemplating to replicate the Delhi model of corruption free governance in Punjab. But they cannot befool people of Punjab by making such tall claims, as they were not able to eradicate corruption in Delhi on first hand. Ironically, government of Delhi and it leaders got involved in various scams one after another.


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