Kejriwal shedding crocodile tears in front of Punjab farmers

kejri 2

“During the five days tour in Punjab, Arvind Kejriwal is trying to woo the farmers. This time he is shedding crocodile tears to win the support of the farmers. Moreover, he is also telling them that if the party forms the government in 2017, the farmers would be benefitted by the government. He is the same person who had seen a farmer committing suicide in his rally at Delhi. The person who is a murderer of a farmer in his own regime cannot solve the problems of the farmers of Punjab.”

The Chief Minister of Delhi is promising the farmers that if the party comes into power in 2017; adequate compensation would be given to the families of farm suicide victims in Punjab.

kejri 1

Kejriwal is the same person who had seen a farmer dying in his own rally held at Delhi. A Chief Minister who did not stop a farmer to commit suicide in his rally cannot understand the feelings of the farmers of Punjab.

He is baiting the farmers of Punjab by offering them lucrative incentives. The muffler man is personally meeting the farmers and asking them to vote for AAP in 2017. Look at the stunt being played by Kejriwal to woo the farmers. He failed in Delhi to address the issues of farmers and now on what grounds, he will help the farmers of Punjab.


Kejriwal befooling the farmers by saying that the compensation given to them is less as compare to the other states. The foolish Kejriwal has forgotten that the centre and state governments have properly compensated the farmers who had lost their crops because of the natural calamities.

Even in Sangrur, the residents held a protest against the Chief Minister for the incompletion of his works in Delhi. They say that the person who failed in Delhi cannot lead the state like Punjab.

Delhi is a small state and a person who is incapable in handling a small state like Delhi cannot rule in Punjab which is much bigger than the national capital.



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