After Delhi, its Punjab’s turn for AAP’s tall claims

“After making a surprisingly spectacular debut in the Delhi elections last year, Aam Aadmi Party is eyeing Punjab, which is due for elections next year. The choice of state is no surprise but what is surprising is that Arvind Kejriwal is claiming if they come to power, they would govern the state of Punjab like Delhi”


Kejriwal drew public attention by lending a personal touch to his campaign. Person-to-person meetings and mohalla sabhas marked Aam Aadmi Party’s poll campaign. This might have worked in a city like Delhi but what is astonishing is that Kejriwal now wants to replicate the same model in Punjab. It doesn’t end here – he has major plans of visiting each and every village of Punjab.

Governance of freebies

In his one-year tenure as Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal has been more in news for blaming the center and Prime Minister than his own governance as Chief Minister. In fact he has no achievements to boast of in his tenure of one year as CM. As a cover up, he spent massive Rs. 526 crore in advertising to highlight his achievements.

It is relevant here, Kejriwal ahead of polls in Delhi made tall promises but majority of the promises proved poll plank. Now, he is planning to adopt the same strategy in Punjab – making tall claims and offering populist sops.

Kejriwal emerged as a wile politician who promised a ‘different’ politics in his campaigns. Projected himself as pro-poor, he was committed to eradicate corruption from roots. Kejriwal created a hope among Delhi voters in wake of elections but failing to deliver any of the promises, it all proved to be a lip service. Now, ahead of polls in Punjab, he has again ready with such tricks up in his sleeves

He is a shrewd politician and though he is new to politics, he has managed to draw people’s attention in no time. A man who is always in hurry, he has forgotten the principle that you cant straightway climb to top most step of ladder.




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