“Parivar Jodo” or “Parivar Todo”?

“In a desperate attempt to reach out to voters of Punjab ahead of assembly polls, Aam Adami Party is going all out with their much-hyped “Parivar Jodo” campaign. While on one hand, they are proliferating on uniting Punjab, on other side they are trying to disrupt peace by screaming about revolution”

 Militancy was the darkest spot in the history of Punjab. Peace was attained after facing lot of hardships and people of Punjab had to pay a huge price for that. Hard earned peace and harmony in the state cannot be compromised at any cost. It is relevant to note here that leaders of AAP in Punjab can be often seen raising slogans of Inquilab and endorsing views of Bhagat Singh. But the question arises – whom are they fighting against?

Extremism under the cover of “Parivar Jodo”


Screenshot of message sent by AAP during ‘Parivar Jodo’ campaign

In the ongoing campaign of “Parivar Jodo’, AAP is seen propagating the message of heralding a collective ‘change’ in Punjab state and they seem to end their communication with salutation of Inquilaab Zindabaad (Long Live the revolution). It is to be noted here that Aam adami Party has gone all out with sending mass SMS and leaflets in Punjab state.

Inquilab is a revolutionary word coined by Shaheed Bhagat Singh. He gave his life for nation’s sake and now when our country is united, whom does AAP want freedom from?

We need good governance not revolution but AAP is projecting to usher a revolution of sort within a free and democratic country like India. They can only garner support of anti-national elements by indulging in such activities.

Radical views



It is now a know fact that radical elements are now joining AAP or endorsing the party. And, it is no coincidence that AAP leaders are seen flaunting the posters of Sikh militant, Jarnail Singh Bhindrwale in pubic rallies. As dissident Member of Parliament, Dharamvira Gandhi puts it; AAP is trying to get support of various Sikh radical leaders. AAP enjoys the support of Baljit Singh Daduwa, besides Gurdeep Singh Brar of the United Sikh Movement (USM) and Dal Khalsa leader Kanwar Pal Singh is also not averse to supporting the AAP either.

Punjab put an end to insurgency with grave difficulty. Now radical views are slowly resurfacing in Punjab and AAP is playing the dangerous game by ignite it to score political points.








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