Deliver at least one tenth of what promised in Delhi before venturing outside

It is now well clear that Aam Aadmi Party’s 70-point manifesto was only a poll plank. With majority of the promises far from reality, it is obvious that Kejriwal only tried to lure voters ahead of polls. Currently touring Punjab, he is again playing the divisive game by claiming to ‘study various issues concerning state’.


Kejriwal is a ‘man in hurry’ and he kicked off on a slew of freebie promises – free water, subsided electricity, free Wi-Fi etc. These populist propositions clicked well with electorate’s mindset as reflected in the results of assembly polls but a scrutiny of the promises reveal a stark contrast.

Chosing Punjab as his next destination, Kejriwal boarded a special flight from Delhi along with his team. What is astonishing is the fact Kejriwal has announced to visit each and every village of Punjab during his ‘Parivar Jodo’ campaign in the state. Kejriwal stated that he wanted to study the issue affecting Punjab but the crucial question arises – is he an activist or researcher? And doesn’t he hold any responsibility towards voters of Delhi?

Poll promises undelivered

As Delhi government and AAP leaders crippled under scandals one after another, the tall promises made seemed to be in doldrums, one year later. Given the magnitude of the work, having one year passed, the pressure is mounting on the government with every passing day.

A dig at the promises made by AAP, reveal that these were impractical. One can easily pass this off as near to impossible by looking at the sluggish pace at which things have progressed in past one year.

Public ire on social media

Politicians’ penchant for promise breaking is nothing new but when it comes to AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal, there is no end to his poll promises not delivered. Delhi voters are already fed up with Kejriwal for not delivering any of the poll promises. Adding on to their frustration was the fact that legislatures hiked their salary by 400% and spent massive Rs. 526 crores on advertising.


Leaving Delhi-ites on lurch, Kejriwal then decided to tour Punjab to study its issues. Felt betrayed by irresponsible and careless attitude of Kejriwal, their anger boiled down on social media and anti Kejriwal campaign trailed on social media where they demanded deduction of five days of his salary for not serving people of Delhi.



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