Can Kejriwal visit each and every village of Punjab?

“Kejriwal is touring Punjab as part of AAP’s ‘Punjab Dialogue’. It may appear a step in right direction but in end it will reduce to show of political theatrics as Kejriwal plans to visit each and every of 12,581 villages in Punjab”


This is what happens if a political party has no roots in the state. Struggling to identify the issues crippling Punjab, Aam Adami party is desperate to make its ground in the state. AAP may have got some support in wake of robust vocalism in Delhi but Punjab is different ball game altogether, where the party is devoid of any base, orientation and leadership.

If they don’t know what issues and problems of Punjab are, they really don’t have any right to claim to represent Punjabis!

Punjab needs governance and no experiment

Ahead of assembly polls in state, AAP is busy making false claims and desperate to establish connect with electorate. Realizing their biggest weakness of not having any base in Punjab, Kejriwal aims to hold people-to-people meetings and he also has major plans of visiting each and every of 12,581 villages in Punjab.

It is relevant here that AAP adopted this approach in Delhi for preparing its manifesto. But, Kejriwal doesn’t seem to understand the simple logic of difference of scale between Delhi and Punjab. Someone needs to tell him that manifestos cannot be prepared like this in a state like Punjab. You need to understand the pulse of people and it is not needed to meet each and every citizen. Kejriwal had stated, “Political parties make manifestos sitting in air-conditioned rooms where as we go to villages an homes of people.”

But the crucial question arises – is it possible to visit every home? This is virtually impractical and impossible.

People of Punjab want a leadership, which is connected with masses and offers sustainable solution to their issues. Being a sensitive state, Punjab has already paid very big price for playing with the emotions of people. Punjab wants a stable government, which can deliver and cannot afford any kind of experiment.



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