AAP’s never ending comic trail

“It is said that ‘laughter is the best medicine’ and Aam Adami Party seems to have taken it literally. The way comedians are joining AAP one after another; Kejriwal has surely got a solution to solve Delhi’s crumbling healthcare conditions’


Leave aside governance; one good thing of AAP’s comedians is that they will surely offer some sort of relief to the stressful life of Delhi-ites by adding a dose of humour. Non-stop entertainment is an added bonus to Delhi voters.

Boarding the bus of politics, is comedian Gurpreet Ghuggi who has recently joined the bandwagon of Aam Adami Party. Ghuggi is the second stand up comedian after Bhagwant Mann to join the Punjab state unit of party.

Kejriwal: ringleader of Comedians

AAP has no dearth of comedian with Kejriwal heading the show. Besides, Ghuggi and Bhagwant Mann, famous comedian from Bollywood, Javed Jaffery had tried his luck in politics in general election. Contested from Lucknow constituency, Jaffery failed miserably in polls. Kejriwal tried to play a dual plank there – he thought of wooing the Muslim voters along with cashing on his antics. But his tricks didn’t work and Jaferry finished poor fifth.

 AAP reduces to a comedy show

Arvind Kejriwal never leaves an opportunity to crack a joke, no matter how serious the context or an issue is. Be it assembly proceeding, TV interview or public rally, he always has a joke up his sleeves. Following his footsteps, Bhagwant Mann and rest of ‘Jing Bang’ are not too far behind. It is relevant to note here that Bhagwant Mann always resorts to comedy while participating in parliamentary debates. Failed to make a name for himself in the comedy circle, he is perhaps trying to vent out his frustration and making full use of parliament sessions to showcase his ‘great talent’ of theatrics.

Theatrics and cheap antics can definitely help a political party draw attention and pull crowd at public rallies but politics is a serious business, which involves establishing a deep rooted connect with voters in order to understand their problems offer sustainable solutions. Loaded heavily with entertainers, AAP might have got an instant recognition but the way a TV show doesn’t last long without good content, AAP is also going to be rusted soon.




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