While justice still evades riot victims, Phoolka aspires to be Punjab CM

“While AAP leader and senior advocate HS Phoolka resigned from all party posts, saying he wanted to devote “undivided attention” to the anti-Sikh riots cases, his supporters are busy projecting him as the future CM of Punjab”

Apparently Phoolka has quit the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and announced his withdrawal from politics, saying he wanted to focus on getting justice for the victims of 1984 anti-Sikh riots. While the party might have relived him form all the party posts to facilitate him to the cause of delivering justice to victims, deeds of his supporters throws light on big picture of how malicious his intentions are?

Future CM of Punjab

Phoolka face book page.png

Support groups and his fan pages are doing the grounds in social media circuit. In the run-up to assembly elections in Punjab, supporters of Phoolka are busy projecting him as future CM of Punjab to put pressure on party high command as chief ministerial candidate of the party. It is relevant to note here that AAP has not yet announced any chief ministerial candidate and state unit of the party also lacks any credible face in Punjab. In wake of leadership vacuum, H S Phoolka eyes big opportunity, which he has been nurturing for over three decades.

Crusade of Sikh rights, a farce!

Phoolka stated after resigning from all party position, “After detailed discussions with Kejriwal ji and with his approval, it has been decided collectively that I quit active politics and resign from party posts. This step would enable him to devote time fully for getting justice for the victims and punishment for the culprits such as (Congress leaders) Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler”.

He further stated, “As much as an inherent part as I am of AAP, my dedication to the cause of 1984 remains unaltered. At this stage, where I feel I am needed more for these cases, I must not hesitate to take a step back from everything else and give the cause my undivided attention”.

Now, it is relevant to note here that Phoolka had resigned from party post in September 2015 and exactly a month later Tytler got clean chit from Delhi high court.

Nurturing political aspirations

While Phoolka decided to leave active politics to concentrate on riot case, his double standards were revealed as despite having all evidence against Tytler, he got clean chit. It is now clear Phoolka on one hand was shielding Tytler and on other side he was trying to score political points in wake of riot case.

It is extremely unfortunate that despite the passage of over three decades, even today we are fighting for the same thing, which is to bring the real culprits to book. It pains even more that there are leaders like Phoolka who went on to play with sentiments of riot victims for so long to gain political mileage.



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