How Phoolka is cashing-in from riot case?

“For last three decades senior advocate Phoolka has been projecting himself as a crusader of the riot victims. By joining AAP and later aspiring to be the CM of Punjab, he has proved himself that he was only interested in taking political mileage out of the case”


Completely neglecting the plight of thousands of hapless Sikh killed in the 84 carnage, Advocate H.S. Phoolka has only played with their sentiments to score political points. A self-proclaimed Sikh crusader, he comes across as the lone fighter in anti Sikh riot case but the crucial question arises here that why none of the cases of riot contested by Mr. Phoolka reached a conclusive decision? Moreover, despite having all the evidence against Jagdish Tytler, he was let go and he got the clean chit in the riot case.

Huge money spent on case

It is to be noted here that huge payments had been made to the panel of advocates recommended by Mr. Phoolka, but sadly none of the cases of riot victims have reached to a conclusion even after more than 30 years.

Joining AAP: a party hand in glove with Congress

It is also relevant to note here that Phoolka joined party at a time when AAP was running government in Delhi in alliance with congress party which was behind massacre of thousands of Sikhs all over the country in 1984.

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It is no news that AAP is hand in glove with Congress party. This fact was cemented further as recently a photo went viral on social media, which depicted Kejriwal sharing in a joyous mood with Tytler in public function.

Missing SIT file

Aam Adami Party constituted SIT to re-investigate the 1984 riot cases. But, Kejriwal’s false propaganda was exposed ten month later when it was revealed from media reports that file pertaining to SIT formation went missing from Delhi home department and Delhi’s home minister was confronted by media for missing SIT file, he rubbished it as a rumour.

Now its all clear why SIT won’t lead to anywhere as the file was allegedly missing for over ten months and now the CM is seen laughing with the main culprit. It is no one’s guess now how Tytler got clean chit in the riot case?




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