Kejriwal’s propaganda on Sikh issues stands exposed

Mr. Kejriwal has already given himself the “most peaceful” and the “most secular” certificate but his intentions on playing divisive politics on religious ground stands exposed


k j.JPGExposing his double standards, an image showing Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal holding hands and smiling with Jagdish Tytler has gone viral on social networks. Aam Admi Party (AAP) convener has always run away from all the promises and his assurances  given to the Sikhs have also proved false and full of lies.

Now, this image has exposed the big picture on false propaganda and hidden agenda of Aam Adami Party. It is now evident that Kejirwal is playing politics on Sikh issues to gain political points.  It is pertinent to note here that Kejriwal was committed to delivering justice to Sikhs in anti Sikh riots case but they never allowed the probe to happen.

SIT: Ploy to delay justice

After forming the government in Delhi, Aam Adami Party constituted SIT to re-investigate the 1984 riot cases. The newly constituted three-member SIT was also empowered to examine fresh evidence in cases, which had been closed. But, Kejriwal’s false propaganda was exposed ten month later when it was revealed from media reports that file pertaining to SIT formation was missing from Delhi home department and no one in Delhi government was aware of this fact.

After attempts to find the missing file failed, deputy secretary (Home) Ashish Kumar issued a circular to all departments on January 8, 2016. Widely published in media reports, the circular mentioned – “kindly look into their respective departments and see if the file could be found and kindly returned to the home department”.

As a cover up few days after that, Delhi government announced that the file had been located. But the crucial question arises – what was Delhi government doing for so long?

Scoring political points on religion

AAP has only played politics on religious grounds and it is paying no heed to people’s cause.   While at one side it passed resolution against the genocide and on the other it failed to make any headway on this front.

The Delhi CM claimed to have put together a SIT to punish those responsible for 1984 but it appears the SIT won’t lead to anywhere as the file was allegedly missing for over ten months and now the CM is seen laughing with the main culprit.




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