AAP – Playing with fire in Punjab

From endorsing Bhagat Singh to Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, Aam Aadmi Party seems to disrupt and destabilize for its personal interest in the run-up to assembly election in Punjab. Hunger for power has forced AAP to play with fire in Punjab.

Punjab attained peace after facing lot of hardships and people of Punjab had to pay a huge price for that. Punjab cannot afford to compromise on its hard earned peace and harmony in the state. It is relevant to note here that leaders of AAP in Punjab would often be seen raising slogans of Inquilab and endorsing views of Bhagat Singh. But the question arises here – whom are they fighting against?

Bhagat Singh wanted freedom from British, who does AAP want freedom from. Inquilab is a revolutionary word given by Bhagat Singh. He gave his life for nation’s sake and now when our country is united AAP is trying to disrupt the environment. We need good governance not revolution but AAP is projecting to herald a revolution of sort within a free and democratic country like India. They can only get support of anti-national element by indulging in such activities.

Radical support

AAP had earlier tried to push the views of Khalistani hardliners by supporting the protest for the premature release of militants. It is now apparent that AAP is playing the dangerous game by going soft on Khalistani separatists for electoral gains.

AAP is trying to wage a rebellion, on one hand they ask people for revolution and on the other hand exhort people to celebrate Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale’s birth anniversary. AAP leaders like Sucha Singh Chhotepur, Sanjay Singh and Bhagwant Mann openly ask people to celebrate Bhindrawale’s birth anniversary by paying obeisance at the nearest gurdwaras.


AAP has a long history of supporting extremism. AAP leader Jarnail Singh hogged limelight for hurling shoe at then union Finance Minister P. Chidambram in 2009 in protest against anti Sikh riots. He later joined AAP and is currently an MLA. But the fact, which is not very known, is that he professes radical views on Khalistan. He had addressed a rally in London in 2011 showing support for the creation of a separate Sikh state. In current context, it is no news that Khalistani supporters are either joining or supporting AAP.

Insurgency in Punjab was one of the darkest periods in Punjab’s history and we were able to put an end to it with grave difficulty. Radical views are slowly reviving in Punjab and AAP is now trying to ignite it for political gains.





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