Sanjay Singh: Master in Art of distraction

“In hurry to climb up the ladder, some politicians seem to render the art of distraction with an aim to divert public attention from real issues or garner undue support. AAP leader, Sanjay Singh seems to have mastered this art”


Sadly the issues, which majority of the politicians aim to rake up, do not have any bearing on the very real issues that most Indians face. The recent antic involving the criminal defamation case being slapped against AAP leader, Sanjay Singh is just one more example of this.

Cheap antics: garnering publicity

Controversies go hand in hand with Aam Adami Party. Right from inception, it has been making news for all the wrong reasons. AAP, Punjab is no exception either and right after the general election in 2014, many controversies have surf

aced the state unit. Be it internal rift, differences with party high command or Bhagwant Mann’s controversy of hurting Sikh sentiment by going to religious ceremony in drunken state, many controversies have been making the rounds of AAP Punjab unit.

Even the AAP state convener Sanjay Singh is not free from controversies and he has the dubious distinction of getting involved in criminal activities. In this context Sanjay Singh raked up an emotional issue to create distraction and catalyze senseless hysteria

Sanjay Singh falsely involved Bikram Singh Majithia, Punjab’s revenue Minister into drug racket. A criminal defamation case was later filed against him.

Sanjay Singh’s U-turn

 Sanjay Singh spoke aloud about drug racket but he always failed to furnish any evidence. When a criminal defamation case was slapped onto him, he still maintained the stand that he would go to any extent to expose the drug racket and would not seek bail in the case.

Conveniently retracting from his previous stand, he took a U-turn and filed a bail application against the criminal defamation case. He eventually got a bail in a Ludhiana court.

#BhaagSanjayBhaag: Top trend on twitter

 After getting bail in defamation case, the hash tag #BhaagSanjayBhaag became a top trend on twitter and Sanjay Singh was ridiculed widely for u-turn and double standards in politics.

More about it as reported by Zee News:

It has become a fashion to create unnecessary controversies to remain in news. That will continue to happen as long as ‘right’ people with vision & competencies do not replace such leaders with cheap mentality!



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